November Birthstones

Topaz & Citrine

November brings all the fall colors of Autumn, and you can find no better example of this than in the warm colors found in Topaz. The Greek word for Topaz is “topazion,” meaning “fire” and for those of you born in the 11th month, you have several color options to choose from with Topaz. The most traditional tones being yellow to amber, but there are also some unexpected colors like red, green, violet, brown, pink, and many different shades of blue.

The most valuable form of Topaz is called “Imperial” or “Precious Topaz,” which is a reddish-orange gem with pink undertones.

An alternative to the Topaz birthstone is the Citrine, which is a pale yellow to dark amber quartz. As one of the more inexpensive gemstones, Citrine is an excellent choice for a bigger pendant or ring. Natural citrines are rare, and most that are found in the market today are actually amethyst stones or smoky quartz that have been heat-treated to produce their yellow and orange color.

The topaz birthstone instills strength and wisdom to the individual who wears it. Topaz is also a symbol of love and fondness and is sometimes referred to as “The Stone of the Merchants,” as it promotes success and achievement in business. An excellent gemstone to carry in your pocket or put in the cash register at work!

Both Topaz and Citrine are thought to have a calming and healing effect. Another reason to consider adding one of these gemstones to your wardrobe! Check out my pinterest board for inspiration!


Jewelry Q&A

Answer: I think it is perfectly fine to wear your rings at the gym as long as they are not actually on your fingers! 🖐️ It is much better to have a dedicated chain that you wear them on that is not too long to get in the way and has a strong clasp. This way, you aren’t leaving your rings in a locker (or in the pocket of your shorts) and they are “on your person” so to speak.

Even if you feel like your costume jewelry is okay to wear lifting weights, just be aware that they can easily bend out of shape!

Do you have a jewelry question? Send it my way and I will be sure to answer it via social or during my monthly newsletter!

Black Friday Offer!

Pamper yourself and your jewelry. Come in on Friday, November 29th for a glass of champagne and some much-needed escape from the Black Friday masses while I clean and check your rings.

Leave with a jar of complimentary jewelry cleaner and sparkly clean jewelry!

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Currently in the Shop

Top left: Here is a beautiful bloodstone ring with #10k #rosegold just sitting in the shop right now, waiting for you.  Bloodstone gets its name from the red speckled inclusions of hematite. The red inclusions are supposed to resemble spots of blood. Do you see it now?

Top right: Dark and mysterious. This hand-cut pyramid onyx is set in a sterling ring based on a 19th-century French mounting.

Bottom left: A lovely hand-cut diamond ring with 14k gold. This one is certified and guaranteed to turn heads and stop hearts.  3.71ct OMC K VS-1 in 14k GIA Cert

Bottom right:  A beautiful, hand-fabricated moonstone and garnet bracelet in 14k gold with bezels made out of spectacle wire. Gorgeous and currently available in the shop! What do you think?


Giving Back

Artist Trust invites visual and jewelry artists to submit up to three works to be considered for inclusion in their 2020 Benefit Art Auction in March of 2020. The submission form is open! All submissions are due by November 4, 2019 and it is a wonderful cause.

Check out this link for more details and I hope to see you there!

2019 Sterling Silver Holiday Ornament

This year I will be continuing with my limited edition of 30 sterling ornaments.

Design unveiling will be on Black Friday at the shop, so let me know if there is a particular number that you are collecting and I will be sure you are on the list!